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Making Innovation Accessible.


Not only can we help you make sense of where you are, but we can support you in the process of planning where you are about to go next! Our concept development frameworks are closely related to the current and future needs of our customers. We take pride in handling each project in a custom and personal way, because we understand the importance of the identity of each and every single one of our clients.


The art of branding isn’t just about creating a good looking logo. Developing a brand is a way to work on your identity; to gain visibility; to get noticed and appreciated by the public. We are constantly on the look out for the latest trends, technologies and styles within brand development, in order to think ahead of the curve and provide our clients with a fresh and advanced perspective!


Because of our business model, we have the chance to collaborate with many talented designers. We select designs attentively and make sure our clients get nothing but the best. Our artists of preference are hired on a project basis. We collaborate with professionals who are passionate about art and design, taking their job very seriously.


At CBITT, we are developers first. We believe that success starts with a solid foundation; development being the best foundation of every project, brand, service or product. Our very own team of developers is flexible, adaptable and incredibly forward-thinking. We can’t wait to work with you!

Let us guide you from concept to reality.

What others say about us

Thomas Raye

Bruce created our website and built a solid framework that is easy for us to maintain and update. He went above and beyond our expectations and gave our website a unique and professional look. He gave us a wealth of information and useful tips for search engine optimization. His knowledge in SEO is outstanding and we feel lucky to have hired him.

Thomas RayeOwnerSolar Rayes
Alex Marten

Bruce is an ideal person to hire. His vast knowledge of software programming and business consulting made the projects we worked on professional, quick and easy.

I would recommend using Bruce Young’s skill set for any IT project.

Alex MartenCEOHawaii Tour App

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